Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is a Turducken?

A: Our Echelon Foods branded turducken (from Teja Food Group) is a de-boned whole turkey wrapped around moist duck and chicken breasts, and stuffed with chicken apple or Italian sausage stuffing. This tasty beast serves 12-15 hungry adults and is easier to cook than a traditional turkey.

Q: Should I buy an Echelon Foods Turducken?

A:  Yes.

Q: Why does it cost more than a turkey?

A: Besides the fact that our turduckens are a delicacy and contain several yummy ingredients besides turkey, they are also solid meat and stuffing.  With a 4.5kg turkey approx. 1 - 1.5kg of that will go in the garbage as bone and carcass. A 4.5kg turducken will feed many more people than a 4.5kg turkey.  Consider if you were buying some good steaks for 15 adults - that would probably be about $200 - $250, or $13 - $17 per head.  Serving turducken to 12 -15 adults is only about $140, or $9.33 per head.

Q: Where can I buy an Echelon Foods Turducken?

A:  Our turduckens are becoming more widely available and a number of distributors carry the product.  If you ask for it in advance at the meat department at your local grocery store they should be able to have one brought in for you.  See our Where to Buy section for more info.

Q: Can I make gravy with my Turducken drippings?

A: Usually our Italian Sausage turducken will produce more drippings than the leaner Chicken Apple, but both will produce enough for a 'base' for your favourite gravy recipe.  If you need a lot of gravy you may want to have some packages of gravy mix on hand in case the drippings don't produce enough flavour for the amount of gravy you need.

Q: Can I deep fry my Turducken?

A:  In short - we do not recommend!  We've searched for examples of someone successfully deep frying a turducken and have found very few.  It seems the absence of a cavity does not allow the oil to get inside and what seems to always happen is the turducken burns on the outside and remains raw on the inside.  We do not recommend attempting this.

Q: Can I get your turduckens served at my special occasion (wedding, banquet, event) ? Can I buy larger quantities for Christmas parties or as special gift items?

A:  Yes.  Ask the hotel, restaurant, or caterer who is hosting your event if their food wholesaler carries Echelon Foods turduckens. 

For special orders of 6 or more turduckens please contact us directly and we'll make the necessary  arrangements with you. Contact us at or toll-free at 1-877-462-3188 and we'll help you out.

Q: How do I know how long to cook my Turducken?

A:  With all the different cooking methods and variances in one person's oven to another's (some are hotter, some are cooler, some have convection, some don't, etc) - checking internal temperature of the turducken is the absolute best way to determine when it is finished.  A thermometer determines the best results and is also the safest - ensuring the turducken is not undercooked.  You can get a basic meat thermometer at most grocery stores, and higher level models can be found at specialty kitchen stores.  There is a model available that allows a metal 'prong' that you keep inserted in the turducken which attaches to a wire which connects to a small screen outside your oven - all you need do is walk by and check the temperature without having to open your oven and stick in the thermometer.  See cooking instructions for more details on approximate cooking times. 

Q: Are your turduckens Gluten Free?

A:  No.  We combine bread cubes with our sausage to make the stuffing so they do contain wheat. We continue to evaluate options for gluten free formulations that don't compromise the great taste of the Echelon Foods turducken.

Q: Where is the best place to get updates on promotions, contests, and new products from Echelon Foods?

A:  Facebook.  You can 'like us' here

Q: The Chicken Apple Turducken says 'sausage meat' on the label - does it contain pork?

A:  No.  Our Chicken Apple Turducken does not contain any pork.

Q: Can I cook my Turducken from a frozen state?

A:  No.  We do not recommend attempting this.  Not only would it take an extremely long time to cook, there is a good chance a turducken that is not defrosted will not cook enough on the inside and cook too much around the outside.  Please ensure your turducken is fully defrosted before cooking. Read our instructions for how to cook a turducken for more.

Q: Why does my Turducken take so long to defrost in the fridge?

A:  Because your turducken is solid meat and has no cavity or open space inside, unlike a turkey, it requires more time to defrost all the way through.  Defrost your turducken for 5 days in the fridge or 24 - 36 hrs in cold water.

Q: Can I eat the twine/string?

A:  No.  Please remove the butchers twine prior to carving your turducken. The twine will pull out fairly easily.

Q: What is the best way to carve up my Turducken?

A:  There is a handy diagram on the back label of your turducken that illustrates this.  First remove / cut away the wings.  2nd, make a cut straight down the middle of the turducken lengthwise (cutting the turducken completely in half).  Take one half and turn over so the flat edge that you just cut along is facing down. Cut into equal width slices, and then repeat with the other half.  An electric knife works well.

Q: I'm not the world's greatest chef - will I be able to cook a turducken?

A:  A turducken is easier to cook than a turkey.  As long as you defrost it properly and use a meat thermometer there's really not much to it.  If it is your first time cooking a turducken - we recommend starting with the most common cooking method, roasting in a 220º F oven until internal temperature exceeds 165º F. 

Q: What can I do with my leftovers? Can I eat it cold?

A: Leftovers can be reheated in the oven or microwave and enjoyed as a hot dish. Other customers seem to really enjoy the ability to slice the cold turducken thinly and eat in sandwiches the following day. If you come up with a favorite way to enjoy your leftover turducken let us hear about it. 

Q: What should I serve with my Turducken?

A: Anything and everything. Some customers serve their turducken with the standard holiday courses of mashed potatoes, cranberries, corn, salads, and some form of bread. Others prefer to have their turducken with just a green salad. No rules.