About Us

Food should be a pleasure at all times; an experience to be shared with loved ones on special occasions, or a simple weeknight.

That was our goal when we began creating our turducken products - we wanted to provide delicious, easy-to-prepare, and accessible foods to delight every taste bud that they meet. We wanted our products to be served with pride at the dinner table and to be shared and enjoyed by friends and families alike.

The Original Turducken Inc. began innocently enough – not knowing a lot about turduckens but (as “foodies”) having heard and being intrigued about them. With a product from a deli business partner who was selling turduckens in his store and on-line, we re-engineered, enhanced and revised our turducken recipe using sausage from Spolumbo’s and some proprietary spice blends to create a unique, savoury feast!

We expanded as a regional turducken supplier in Western Canada. We began selling our turduckens on a wider retail basis in 2010. After doing an initial taste test trial and getting overwhelmingly positive response versus competitive products we launched our full turduckens at 23 Calgary Co-op locations. Since then we’ve grown consistently every year.

In 2012 we set up production in the US to meet increasing demand and created the Echelon Foods brand name. We launched our totally boneless turducken roasts that same year. In late 2014 our latest and greatest culinary delight hit the market – a bacon-wrapped turducken roast (bacon inside and out!).

Teja Food Group purchased the Echelon Foods brand from The Original Turducken in the fall of 2017 and are committed to growing our offerings and availability.

We now produce our turduckens and turducken roasts under the Echelon Foods brand in the United States and sell to retailers, distributors, foodservice companies and direct to consumers across North America.

The Echelon Foods brand is meant to convey the pride we take in the quality of our products – using high grade turkey, chicken and duck meat, great sausage and our proprietary spice blends and mixes. We offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

We love to hear from our customers so please contact us with any questions, suggestions or to share your turducken stories.


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Our Team

Mike Moser Director Retail Sales, Teja Food Group
Mike has over 30 years experience leading, managing and selling consumer products to grocery, drug, mass merchandiser, home improvement, convenience and distributor trade channels in Canada and the US. Mike's entrepreneurial background includes starting 3 separate entrepreneurial ventures on top of corporate job responsibilities. He held senior sales management positions in a variety of packaged goods and consumer goods companies, selling to all major retailer outlets in Canada and the US. Mike was an early member of The Original Turducken team and joined Teja Food Group upon the acquisition of Echelon Foods in 2017.