The Original Turducken - Natural Chicken Apple

The Echelon Foods turducken with chicken apple sausage is made with all NATURAL turkey, chicken, duck and sausage meat. All our meat is raised without the use of antibiotics and fed a vegetable-based diet. Our turduckens are simple to prepare – just heat and serve. It comes pre-spiced so there is almost no preparation time required. Just thaw, cook and enjoy!
Our turducken is a deboned turkey that is then layered with chicken breast, duck breast and a Chicken Apple sausage stuffing mixture. This is a pork-free turducken option. It easily feeds 12 – 15 people. Every turducken is vacuum sealed for freshness. The only bones on a turducken are the turkey drumsticks and wings so it looks like a turkey coming out of the oven but the middle is packed solid with the three poultry meats and sausage stuffing. When sliced in the proper direction, each serving provides a cross section of every component ensuring a mouth-watering experience. It is perfect for family get-togethers and special occasions like those around Thanksgiving and seasonal holidays.
   - Whole frozen NATURAL turkey, deboned and stuffed with NATURAL chicken, duck and sausage meat
   - Chicken apple sausage stuffing is pork free
   - No antibiotics ever
   - Fed a vegetable-based diet (no animal by-products in feed)
   - High in protein
   - Easily feeds 15 people
   - Minimum 9 lbs
   - Frozen product shipped in dry ice
   - Simple to cook – 4 cooking options

See our handy Cooking Instructions for tips and preparation.

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